MB ALTUN ENGINEERING, BUILDING AND CLEANING CHEMICALS MANUFACTURING, IMPORT, EXPORT AND SALES activities within the framework of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety in accordance with the environment and people-oriented policies are carried out and in this context;   

  •  Continuously improving all of its processes by effectively managing risks,  
  •  To work with zero accident principle in occupational health and safety,   
  •  Improving company performance and production efficiency,   
  •  Encourage employees to actively participate and provide an open communication environment,   
  •  Preventing pollution at resource,   
  •  Efficient use of energy, environmental balance and protection of natural resources,   
  •  Ensuring information security and business continuity in all of its activities,   
  •  To comply with the requirements of national and international legislation,   
  •  Managing the relations with the stakeholders in a transparent and common sense,  
  •  To ensure continuity in customer satisfaction,   
  •  To support and develop its suppliers,   
  •  Performing environmental studies in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, by-laws and ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and applying them to its employees and subcontractors,   
  •  Publish on the website to ensure easy access to environmental policy by other parties (public, subcontractors, etc.),   

 is committed. 

About Us

MB FLEX is an installation leak repair chemical. It provides leakage repair with a basic chemical content without any breaking, pouring, disassembling in the leakages occurring in sanitary systems.