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Are MB FLEX chemicals harmful to human health?

Leak Repair Chemicals do not currently have any damage.

Can I access the MB FLEX product content?

Yeah. You can access the MSDS report by reading the square code on the label or at www.mbflexcom/content.

Can we apply MB FLEX products without the help of a plumber?

If you do not have technical and sufficient knowledge and support (pressure pump) products in leakage repair chemical applications, it is recommended that you get help from the plumbers.

What are MB FLEX supporting products?

MB04 Plumbing System Cleaner and MB05 Plumbing System Protector are coded products. It is recommended to use once a year.

What is the difference between the main products and the supporting products?

The main products are installation leakage repair chemicals. Supporting products are also used to extend the life of the installation in closed systems. The supporting products do not repair any leaks.

Can MB FLEX products be used interchangeably?

MB Flex products are manufactured in accordance with the structure of the area of use, as they have different uses, even though their aims are the same in general. Therefore, using it as an alternative to each other may cause unexpected results in the applied system.

MB 01, is there any ceramic, pool, concrete sealing? Is it available?

Clean water leak repair product is a structurally insulating product. It can be used as a result of tests and applications for pool systems - wet floors and any concrete surface exposed to water extraction. It is highly UV resistant product.

Does it solve leakage in the cooling systems, radiator systems?

In general, applications have been successful in eliminating medium-sized (2,6 lt / hour volume) leakage in the radiator systems. For larger leaks and different conditions of use, contact your dealer. (The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..t)

What are the warranty periods?

1 year warranty period is given for leakages repaired as a result of detection.

Are radiators used as well?

Applicable to all radiator systems including car radiators. In case of repair or cleaning, the system water should be rinsed with clean water after the process is completed.

Is there a pump for sale?

Supply of application materials over the market is possible as well as the proposed brand and model to provide support to our customers in order to provide and sale.

Is MB01 made specifically for drinking water? How much product should be poured into the pipeline?

Yes, specially designed for drinking water. The product is concentrated first, we inject the product directly, then inject 6 liters of water until the leak is repaired, if the leakage size is large, the product quantity can be increased.

Do you need to discard MB01 before or after another product in the series?

No. Only MB01 is enough.

I understand that MB02 is only for the heating system, right?

Used in heating and cooling systems.

Do you have to separate the boiler outputs when using MB02?

We only need to remove the strainers and filters in the system.

How long should we leave the water circulated after MB02 use?

We recommend at least 6 hours of circulation. The circulation pump in the boiler and systems serves this task. You do not need any pumps or equipment.

MB03 is for sewage I understand. But I don't know how to use it.

Yes, it is designed for gasket wear and small size cracks in waste water pipes. After detecting the leaked area of the product by camera, the nearest expenses are discharged by diluting ½ of the mouth, make sure that the product reaches the leaked area. the balloon is mounted on a thin hose, inflated in front of the leaked area, the balloon is fixed in the swollen state and then the product is emptied, it is kept in this way for a minimum of 24 hours, after 24 hours the balloon is removed and it is kept in a minimum of 6 hours should not.

MB03 For evacuation of a house? If so, how is it used and what amount should be used?

Yes, it is used for home or small lines.

Is MB04 used to clean radiator ducts or clean water installations?

This product is used in all closed systems operating with water.

MB04 Just to clean? Or does it have more functions? And what amount should be used?

It protects the system, prevents lime formation, dissolves and breaks down the chronic lime and sediments over time without damaging them. It removes limescale formed on circulation pumps and equipments and eases circulation. It helps to reduce the circulating noise generated by lime and soot from the pump, saving up to 30% fuel. 1 liter MB04 is applied to the system up to 70 liters.

MB05 only for cleaning heating ducts?

It is used in all heating and cooling systems. It helps to remove coarse particles and slime formed in the system. Provides a quick cleaning, helps to open the clogged water channels and installation (It is used actively in the cleaning of radiator systems in general) It is applied by separating from the device (heating and cooling system machines). Recycling It is used with pump or system washing machine. After the process is finished, the installation should be rinsed thoroughly. 1 liter MB05 is enough for 70 liter system.

What's the difference with MB 05's MB04?

MB04 is a protection and saving product, MB05 is for cleaning purposes only.

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MB FLEX is an installation leak repair chemical. It provides leakage repair with a basic chemical content without any breaking, pouring, disassembling in the leakages occurring in sanitary systems.