MB FLEX is an installation chemical.   

It belongs to the brand;   

Clean water leak repair chemical   

Radiator Panel and Heating Installation leak repair chemical   

Waste water leakage repair chemical   

There are 3 water leak repair chemicals.   

Also as a supporting product;   

Plumbing System Cleaner   

Installation System Protector   

It is presented.   

Product descriptions and applications are as follows. 


MB01 - Clean Water Leak Repair Chemical   

It is applied to a closed system in order to eliminate any leakage that occurs in hot and drinking water lines which we call as domestic water.   


• The product is a dense particulate chemical.   

• Shake before application.   

• Pressure test pump is required for application.   

• All water inlets and outlets of the house / area to be treated should be closed (including water meter valves).   

• Leakage is detected in hot or drinking water line. (If it is necessary to locate the leak point exactly, our Practitioners will detect it with acoustic sound listening method.)   

• Product usage is realized according to leakage size.   

• MB01 is injected into the installation by means of a pressure test pump connected to the tap / line.   

• MB01 injected into the system, reaches the point where leakage occurs with the applied pressure and repairs the leakage by stopping the pressure drop caused by leakage in a short time.   

• When the pressure gauge stops the pressure gauge, it means that the product has found particles leakage.   

• In networks, it can be applied between 4-7 bar and maximum 12 bar pressure.   

• For a permanent effect, the system should be locked at a minimum pressure of 8 bar and wait for 24 hours for the chemical to complete the repair.   

• The product begins to crystallize in at least 24 hours. For this reason, water contact should not be made for at least 24 hours for any reason. Valves must not be opened.  

• The product is for single use only. It should be consumed the moment it opens.   

• The product provides 1 year warranty. If there is a problem with the leakage repaired within a year, free support is provided. 


MB02 - Radiator Panel and Heating Installation Leak Repair Chemical   

• Heating, cooling systems, radiators, fancoil systems that occur in the leak / leak repair is used.  

• Closed systems already in place make this repair easier.   

• The system's filters or filters must be removed before application. Otherwise the filter will clog the pores.  

• MB FLEX, which is included in the system from towel or any suitable point as a suggestion, starts repairing by restarting the system.   

• After the system is started, it condenses in the leakage area and stops the leakage.  

• Complaint leakage is repaired within 2 hours.   

• There is no need to rinse the system after application. However, in case of damage to the system, it can be rinsed and emptied with the circulation pump up to 7 days after application.   

• Use of personal protection is recommended. 


MB03 - Waste Water Leakage Repair Chemical 


• Wastewater systems are generally used in order to eliminate the leakage of cracked or cracked leaks and to provide insulation inside the pipe.   

• Before using this product, which is very simple to use, it is important to make sure that the source of the leak is detected correctly.   

• The product is prepared for application by mixing and shaking ½ water.   

• Leakage in waste water systems is very difficult to detect and important for application health.   

• If you do not have personal technical knowledge for the application, it would be more accurate to get a plumber help.   

• In order to avoid any risk, most professional installers find the leakage with the help of the camera and determine the application area and type accordingly.   

• After determining the application area and type, the installation system should be cleaned, rinsed and dry with MB FLEX Installation Cleaner or equivalent product.  

• The application should be done from the line entrance closest to the leaking area.  

• It should not be in contact with water for at least 12 hours after the application to the clean installation and there should be no water flow. Otherwise, the solution density will not decrease and will not be able to complete the repair period and achieve success.   

• If you have received the help of the plumber, he will inform you after the application and check the system the next day (after 24 hours) and put it into use. 


MB04 - Plumbing System Cleaner 


• It is an acidic product.   

• Bottle opening and application requires personal protection.   

• In closed system heating systems (central heating-floor heating systems-central heating systems), water which is permanently operating in the system for a long time causes corrosion formation and causes bacteria formation and causes damage to the system elements as a result of lime and rusting. When our protective chemical product is included in the water used in the system, it provides the balance of purification and ph in the water, slows the growth of bacteria and lime formation, prolongs the maintenance need of the system and provides fuel saving.  

• It is applied to closed system.   

• Performs periodical maintenance in closed systems.   

• The application takes place from any entry point by including the product in the system.   

• It is recommended to be applied at least once a year. 


MB05 - Plumbing System Protector 


• In closed system heating systems (central heating-floor heating systems-central heating systems), water which is permanently active in the system for a long time causes corrosion formation and causes bacteria formation and decreases the working efficiency as a result of lime and rusting of the system elements. This product, which is an acid solution balanced in accordance with the structure of pipes and heating elements, circulates in the system and helps to dissolve lime rust and corrosion in the system and remove them quickly from the system.   

• Installation System Cleaner is recommended to be used in the continuation of the product.   

• Application should be done with a circulation pump.   

• Fixes chronic problems in the system.   

• No rinsing is required after application.   

• Provides 30% fuel saving after application and increases thermal conductivity.   

• Prolonged contact may have a corrosive effect on the skin and should be washed with plenty of water. In case of drinking water line cleaning, the system should be rinsed with plenty of water after the process. 

 The product is harmful to human health. Keep away from foodstuffs unless neutralized. Application should be made with experienced personnel and appropriate protective equipment. Since the product is an acid solution, protective equipment must be used. In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water. Rinse must be done after the process, otherwise metal wear may occur over time. In case of application to drinking water, pH should be balanced by using neutralized chemical product and rinsed thoroughly




About Us

MB FLEX is an installation leak repair chemical. It provides leakage repair with a basic chemical content without any breaking, pouring, disassembling in the leakages occurring in sanitary systems.